Welcome to my website. I am singer-songwriter/producer/presenter and live performer with a passion to entertain through songs and stories.

I have released five albums, performed regularly on UK radio and toured the world with my own shows which combine storytelling with songs. My collaborators have included: musicians from across the musical spectrum (folk/jazz/electronic/dance), a comedy director, two playwrights, a virtuoso savant pianist and two singer/songwriter icons from different eras with dramatically different stories to tell. I am currently writing an original musical two-hander and working on a new album as well as developing a podcast called “The Voices in Our Heads” in which I plan to sing and interview other musicians and singers about their own personal soundscapes.

My favourite work is as a live performer. To walk into a room where no-one knows what to expect and to bring it alive through song. That is it.

Recent performances have included spontaneous and interactive shows – at private events and gigs – in which the audience become my guide in terms of material as well as joining me in song.

All of my shows have explored how different singers have “found” their voices which in turn, has led to more and more experimental work with my own voice and encouraging other people to sing and explore their voices using techniques I have developed for myself as well as graduating in 2003 as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

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The Crazy Coqs, 2014


I have started recording regular voice memos on Soundcloud. Sketches of new songs, interviews, thoughts for the day.. And it’s all FREE! You can sign up to receive the updates as they come in, share tracks and have your say. What do you like, what do you want to hear more of?

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In the next few months, I am planning to start a new and regular Podcast, working title “The Voices in Our Heads”. An intimate look at the sounds we are affected and surrounded by, the music that shapes us and the music that we make as a result..This will involve spontaneous interviews with anyone and […]

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I very rarely write personal Facebook updates, and never personal Tweets.  I was brought up with a strong sense of the importance of keeping my public and private lives separate – which has not always sat easily with me. As anyone who gets involved in the business of PR knows, people tend not to be […]

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