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“For years I’ve made shows about other people’s voices and stories –  Peggy Lee, Bessie Smith, Dory Previn. But I’ve always had another nagging voice in my head – what’s my true story, why aren’t I singing it and who are the people on that journey?

So I started listening… from London to the forests of Canada, the streets of New York and Bristol, recording the sounds and people around me. If they had a song, what would it be?

“I wanted to make something where I was so vulnerable, strip away all the other stuff – just alone on stage with no support other than my own voice, as a way of communicating to others this is what it’s about.  No good waiting for someone else to do it.  All you have is yourself and your voice and walking into the unknown and making relationships with people.  And THAT is enough.   Me doing that on the stage is just an extreme way of getting that message across.  It’s good to articulate these things as I think it’s what makes the whole thing unique.  In a way, it’s what I’ve been working towards my whole life.

Songbirds is about the voices we keep locked up inside. About the need for connection – right here, right now. And if it goes ‘wrong’, so what? I’ve realised that the place where things go wrong is where we find the magic.”

Whether you are an Australian Lyre Bird or a Marsh Warbler – come in and join the Birdsongs!

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Video – “Unusual Things Can Happen”

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FINDING YOUR VOICE : A WOMAN’S WORK at Port Eliot Festival 29th August

I did a great session for Port Eliot Festival on Saturday 29th August. Improvised, spontaneous with a crowd aged 6-75 years old.

THIS IS PART OF MY NEXT STAGE FOR SONGBIRDS – taking the project into smaller communities, village halls, churches to hear your voices and sing with you. Here is a map of where I am headed in 2017-2018. If you would like your community added to the map, just email kate@katedimbleby.com

Kate, alone on stage with a vocal looper, combines powerful, soulful acapella original songs with stories of singing with Bobby McFerrin, stepping out of Peggy Lee’s shadow and listening to find the song in everyone.

“Stunning vocal virtuosity. An artist absolutely at the top of her game.” Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music

“Part concert, part confessional.…

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4* review of SONGBIRDS Live show in Pop section of The Times

This project has surprised me at every turn – with how it grows and changes and the audience it has attracted. I am feeling thoroughly moved and grateful. First Radio 6 music and now a POP review in the Times!

Here is the review of the live launch at NOW gallery


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