For years I’ve made shows about other people’s voices and stories  : the smooth sophistication of Peggy Lee, the bold blues of Bessie Smith, the fragile tones of Dory Previn….

But I’ve always had another nagging voice in my head – what’s my true story, why aren’t I singing it and who are the people on that journey?

So I started listening… from London to the forests of Canada, the streets of New York and Bristol, recording the sounds and people around me. If they had a song, what would it be?

My new work SONGBIRDS is about the voices we keep locked up inside. About the need for connection. Outside and in. About me and you. Right here, right now.

Standing in front of an audience with a plan that isn’t set in stone, a desire to connect, tell some stories, sing and have fun has always been my passion. But it has been hard to describe what I do.  “What exactly is it?” they would ask, “Jazz, Blues, Folk, Theatre?”.   I never fitted neatly in a box.  Do any of us?

We have the internet now – we can sit in the comfort of our own home and find exactly the thing we already know we like and buy it, why would we go out to a live venue without knowing exactly what we were going to get?  Because that is life. Everyday we have to step out, not knowing what we are going to get, and meet ourselves in the process.

I decided to make something where I was so vulnerable, strip away all the other stuff – just alone on stage with no support other than my own voice, as a way of communicating to others, that that’s what’s it about.  No good waiting for someone else to do it. All you have is yourself and your voice and walking into the unknown and making relationships with people.  And THAT is enough.   Me doing that on the stage is just an extreme way of getting that message across.  In a way, it’s what I’ve been working towards my whole life.

Whether you are an Australian Lyre Bird or a Marsh Warbler – come in and join the Birdsongs!

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An introduction to SONGBIRDS

A video to explain what I’ve been up to…… album will be released by Folkstock Records on 23rd February 2017 at the Now Gallery, on Greenwich Peninsula with UK wide tour starting at Ustinov Theatre, Bath on 17th/18th February 2017

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Sunday Times Culture Section – preview of Dory Previn show

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BIRDSONGS – a work in progress at the Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Thank you to everyone who came along to our scratch performances of “Birdsongs” at the beautiful and intimate Wardrobe Theatre a couple of weeks ago.  Working with Theatre Damfino’s Katy Carmichael and Jack Drewry was a treat and it was fantastic to get the new material up and out there.  Lots to play with before […]

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