Sing Happy – one woman, an ironing board and a vocal looper!

Sing Happy is a true story about how I found my many voices – and listened, to connect with others and sing myself happy!

It has songs you know and songs you don’t, my vocal looper and my ironing board, a bit of the 50s, a bit of the 80s, a bit of the 2010s… and a bit of me and you! Each show is a bit different – inspired by you, the audience. If you can hum, you can sing… the music of life!

I’ve had an amazing tour across the UK for the past year and looking forward to more in 2020. In the meantime, I am busy working on songs for a new version of the Odyssey with Bristol based theatre company Living Spit.  We start rehearsals in September and will be touring venues in the South West in October and November.