A shimmering vocal versatility… she has the musical talent and jewel-eyed confidence to guarantee an audience a good time.
London Evening Standard

It’s that extraordinary voice – treacly and sleepy at rest, filling the room with feeling when she turns it on.
The Daily Telegraph

I think I’m in love… It was said about Fred and Ginger, “She gave him sex and he gave her class.” Well, Kate Dimbleby has both already and it is a killer combination.
The Scotsman

Dimbleby is clearly a talent to watch, blessed not only with a great voice but a real gift as a songwriter in her own right.
The Sunday Telegraph

One of the must-see shows this Summer The Sunday Times 2013

Exhilerating new entertainment, a cocktail of blues, jazz, country, sing-songwriter pop and the sort of earthy, post-feminist humour that makes the Desperate Housewives look like members of the Salvation Army. Dimbleby is an assured and charismatic vocalist who can make the leap from a full-decibel tribute to Bessie Smith to an intimate confessional from the Dory Previn songbook   The Times

This is unashamedly a show by a woman about women and targeted at women (Kate admits as much) but there’s plenty here for every fan of jazz and blues, regardless of gender. Catch her while you can! The Londonist

Those wondering about the difference between a jukebox musical and a songbook biography like Beware Of Young Girls should book a pew here next time Dimbleby is in town. The chosen structure of mixing songs and snatches from the biographies envelops the listener in an emotional maelstrom punctuated by broken hearts and breakdowns. Dimbleby breathes fresh life into not just Previn’s repertoire but her history and reputation. The show frequently dances with darkness with the blackest moments of Previn’s life laid untarnished for all to digest. This is to the credit of both Dimbleby, her audience and this mature production which is unafraid to take risks. This is Cabaret

Her ultra-intelligent choices range from 20 Mile Zone, a droll portrait of a woman on the edge, to the almost painfully vulnerable The Lady with the Braid. Dimbleby is a terrific interpreter of female nonconformists — her stage portrait of Peggy Lee was a cult hit. If her Dory P is quieter, it is no less atmospheric. Clive Davis, Sunday Times Review

Dimbleby is an impressive and talented vocalist, formed both of strong technique and instinctive understanding. Each number from the strong, gutsy belt of I’m Living Alone and I Like It to the almost impish, My Pa’s Not Home demonstrate solid technique coupled with a sharp sense of comic timing. There are moments of great depth too, particularly with Dory Previn’s painful The Lady with the Braid and indeed with Dimbleby’s own self-penned ballad Hold On The Stage


Fab night with the amazing Kate dimbleby. We laughed, we cried, we sang along! Living Spit Theatre Company

Lovely evening @CrazyCoqs@katedimbleby has such a generous spirit and beautiful talent. Such a privilege! Lucy Shaufer, opera singer

Excellent show from @katedimbleby last night. Really enjoyed singing along – hope there will be another one 🙂

Got my folks tickets to see @katedimbleby in concert as part of @TheatreShop1. They really enjoyed her

The last w/end of Brighton Fringe. My highlight of all the events I saw? That’s easy, @katedimbleby Dory Previn Story. Terrific performance.

A very special, touching account of the life and times of Dory Previn @katedimbleby @KomediaBrighton @brightonfringe Julian Caddy, Director of Brighton Fringe Festival

I completely loved last night’s fantastic Dory Previn show @KomediaBrighton @brightonfringe @katedimbleby

What singing! A surprisingly personal show which showcases a voice with real power, variety and integrity. More please…Dimbleby is more than woman enough to fill large venues with her powerful songs, personality and voice. Ham and High