Kate Dimbleby

23 February 2017



Folkstock Records are proud to be recording and releasing SONGBIRDS, Kate Dimbleby’s unique album of eleven original songs written and performed almost exclusively by her voice alone.

With just the lightest sprinkling of keys and tamborine in a couple of tracks, these gems are recorded with no other musicians – Kate layers her voice, with techniques inspired by learning with vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin.

Kate’s “soul” songs have an improvised feel that soar above the hubbub by breaking away from conventional instrumentation and song structure, elevating the listener into a world where anything might happen.

Kate says, “I wanted to go in with just my voice and without instruments so that you don’t get any of the associations that usually spring up, ‘Oh, it’s that kind of thing’. It allows for an element of surprise and fun – room for people to interact by stepping into the space where the instruments would normally be – even joining in.”

And what she has created, with producer Lauren Deakin Davies, might surprise you.

Encouraged by Helen Meissner’s Folkstock Records, a small independent label which has a reputation for celebrating the female voice, Kate has been able to distill her personal journey into an unconventional recording and accompanying show, unbound by traditional genre classifications.

Incorporating blues, jazz and reggae undertones, picked up during Kate’s career, these songs are unlike anything currently being released in the contemporary music scene.

Kate’s wit and charisma, gained through 25 years of live performance, comes through strongly in these grounded self-penned tracks which seep into your subconscious and tell the tale of someone searching for their own story and inviting you to share the journey.

Coming from a family of broadcasters with a mother who sang opera over breakfast, Kate says, “I wanted to embrace that heritage but find my own voice, and most importantly, encourage others to step out of their received stories and find theirs”

For the SONGBIRDS live tour, Kate has teamed up with director Katy Carmichael and Bristol’s Theatre Damfino to create a warm and vibrant one-woman show. Choosing an eclectic range of venues such as churches, art galleries and a spiegeltent, Kate tells her story of finding her voice, singing a capella with only a vocal looper to help her interact directly with her audience. The result is a unique and engaging audience experience, different at each performance.

“Songbirds is about the voices we keep locked up inside. About the need for connection – right here, right now. And if it goes ‘wrong’, so what? I’ve realised that the place where things go wrong is where we find the magic.”

The album SONGBIRDS, will be released on Folkstock Records on 23rd February with a launch at at NOW gallery, on Greenwich Peninsula on 23rd February and live shows touring from the end of February through to the end of May.

“NOW gallery is the perfect venue to launch this project – about finding your voice outside the box, breaking down the barrier between audience and singer and finding release from the everyday through song.”

Originally classically trained, Kate has released five solo albums and toured the world with her one-woman shows about other female singers, selling out the Festival Hall and Ronnie Scotts and working with some of the best musicians in the country. But it has taken 20 years since her first album for the critically acclaimed performer to find, and subsequently share what she is really about.

After a move to Bristol with her family 5 years ago, she studied with Bobby McFerrin in New York and taught herself how to use a looper to recreate the instrumental lines on her previously released original material. This proved so rewarding that she wrote songs specifically to be performed entirely by voice alone, a capella, and let herself go. Songbirds is the result.



“When we’re choosing the tapes, the only thing that counts is what comes out of the speakers. And what came out of the speakers with this next track completely blew me away. This is an artist called Kate Dimbleby – the track is Musical Boxes…

It’s been a very good week for the BBC introducing Mixtape. And that one is a stunner. It comes from an a capella album called Songbirds released by Folkstock on 23 February and supported by a UK tour of this show that she does, where it’s just. her. voice.
She studied with Bobby McFerrin in New York and, you know, she’s put in the time. Those 10,000 hours have been applied to honing that craft. And that is a woman, an artist absolutely at. the. top. of. her. game.”
Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music, Sat 4 Feb 2017

“The polish and love that must have gone into making this album shows. So many unique tracks, bringing across her powerful and soulful voice. Kate Dimbleby’s new album is one to watch out for in 2017 and contender for album of the year. 5/5”
Kevin Hall’s Music Moments

“I have just had the pleasure (I don’t use the phrase lightly) of listening to the new album, Songbirds, by Kate Dimbleby and I must say it is a revelation. Listen to this album and I defy you not to enjoy it and listen again and again.”
Liz Franklin’s Folk Garden on Blues and Roots Radio

“It’s not often you hear an a capella album that draws you in with such beauty”
Roots and Fusion Radio

“Secular suburban hymns for the aching post modern heart”
Vocalist/composer/filmmaker K Stuart Page Valdes




Kate Dimbleby and Friends

Released 06 June 2014

Love Comes Again was recorded in transition – literally. I started it as a 39-year-old Londoner aged 39 and finished it as a 40-year-old Bristolian.

I wanted to do a stock take. I’ve spent the past 20 years singing live – with fleeting recording collaborations which rarely captured the range of material I like to perform. I needed to record some of that music with the band I love.

And so you’ll find a little-known Simon and Garfunkel track alongside a Mahalia Jackson spiritual. Kirsty MacColl and Divine Comedy are nestled in alongside Cab Calloway, with some originals to keep things fresh.

The album release was celebrated with a wonderful gig at Ronnie Scotts last year.…




Released 07 January 2013

A collaboration between Kate Dimbleby (‘undoubtedly one of Britain’s finest female Jazz singers.’ Broadway World) and Naadia Sheriff (“Dazzling pianist” The Times) exploring the extraordinary songbook of cult favourite Dory Previn, the queen of 70’s confessional songwriters who died on Valentine’s Day this year, 40 years after the release of her most successful album Mythical Kings and Iguanas.

Previn, who was married to composer André Previn until he left her for Mia Farrow, used her extraordinary tragic life story as material for her often hilarious, touching and musically brilliant songs.

In 2010, Kate performed Dory Previn’s most famous song “Lady with the Braid” every night for five weeks as part of her live show at the New End Theatre in Hampstead.…




Momma Records 2009

An original songwriting debut from a singer acclaimed as “One of the most versatile singers on the blues/jazz circuit” Clive Davis, The Times. As a jazz/cabaret singer, Kate has released two albums, toured internationally and appeared regularly on national radio. After an extended maternity leave, this album sees her reunited with her longstanding band. Featuring Malcolm Edmonstone on piano, Jonty on bass and Ben Reynolds. With guest performances from Nigel Price on guitar and Simon Allen on sax.

The band have toured together for years and gained critical acclaim for the energy and rapport of their live performances. This is the first time they have recorded together and is Dimbleby’s debut as a songwriter showcasing a collection of songs inspired by her retreat to a remote community in western Canada.…



Kate Dimbleby (Artist), Geoff Eales (Artist)

Released 2002 on Black Box

Kate’s second album, Ain’t This Cosy, was released by Black Box Music inspired by her critically acclaimed show about the life and music of Peggy Lee and recorded with the Geoff Eales trio. The album was released in 2000 to accompany a 50 date sell-out national tour of Fever! The Making of Peggy Lee, written by Lucy Powell. The show went on to tour Australia and New Zealand and Kate was asked to devise a show with the BBC Big Band at the Festival Hall in 2003 which went on to tour theatres around the UK.

Kate Dimbleby: Vocals
Geoff Eales: Piano
Roy Babbington: Bass
Mark Fletcher: Drums…



Kate Dimbleby

Released 1998

Kate’s debut album, produced by Richard Niles and released by Black Box in 1995. With a stellar group of UK jazz musicians, the album includes reworkings of songs by the Beach Boys, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits and Nick Drake.

Produced by Richard Niles, released by Black Box Music

Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Backing Vocals: Richard Niles
Bass: Mark Hodgson
Drums, Cymbal: Ian Thomas
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: John Parricelli
Piano, Organ, Synthesizer: Steve Hamilton
Saxophone: Nigel Hitchcock
Vocals: Kate Dimbleby