Beware Of Young Girls in the Sunday Times Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2012


Our album Beware of Young Girls was chosen as one of ten best albums of the year in Sunday Times by Clive Davis!

We are doing a special offer to celebrate until Christmas. 10% off all signed albums from our website Just put “Top10” in the box marked “discount code” when ordering.

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I have decided to update my website. It happens very occasionally when I feel that my online business card is out of keeping with what I actually do and I think I’d better be a grown up and rebrand!

So, I was trying to think of how to describe what I do to someone who has never seen me live. At which point, my husband piped up with  “ The thing is, Kate, that your work changes depending on who you are collaborating with.” I had never seen it that way but suddenly I realise  why I have had such trouble trying to explain myself over the years. And I thought I was just a problem third child! …

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You’ve Got a Friend at Curzon Clevedon

A snapshot of our alternative Election night gig at the Curzon Clevedon on May 7th.  The songs that become friends.  Thank you to everyone who came and sang along!


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YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND : SONGS FROM A 70’s CHILDHOOD at the Curzon Clevedon

You’ve Got a Friend: Songs from a 70’s childhood – UK Premiere

Kate Dimbleby
with Malcolm Edmonstone on keyboards and Nick Dover on guitar

Inspired by the sell-out New York run of her show about cult songwriter Dory Previn, internationally acclaimed singer and storyteller Kate Dimbleby returns to the 1970s with this exploration of the songbooks of her childhood – Carole King, James Taylor, Nick Drake, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell. A mesmeric reinterpretation of those classic songs and a search for the essence of an era that is unique in songwriting.

“A shimmering vocal versatility… she has the musical talent and jewel-eyed confidence to guarantee an audience a good time: Evening Standard

Captivating **** The Times…

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The Crazy, Coqs Piccadilly – Kate Dimbleby and Derek Paravacini – for one night only!

LIFE (and all its ups and downs)

Internationally acclaimed singer and storyteller Kate Dimbleby joins forces with the virtuosic talent that is Derek Paravacini for an evening of spontaneous song and stories.

When Kate played a sold-out Festival Hall with her show about the singer Peggy Lee, Derek Paravacini (who studied piano at the same school for the blind as George Shearing) was in the audience. For the next 10 years, Derek would request to hear Kate’s CD whenever possible until finally, they met and played one song together at a one-off charity gala. This evening brings these two exciting performers together for an unforgettable, intimate and improvised evening.…

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There’s a Place for Us

We are back up in the apartment that we started in – now that all the family have gone and Christmas/New Year is over. Like coming full circle and as a nice twist, my sister, who introduced me to Dory Previn, is here for our last few days. I started planning a last night party to give us something to look forward to after another weekend of four shows and she reminded me not to wish it away.

She is right. Older sisters always are aren’t they? And so I started compiling a list of things I’ll miss when I return to my life in England and this tour seems like a dream.

Here it is :

  • The view from the subway train on our commute into Manhatten when it comes above ground in Brooklyn, between Carroll Street and Bergen street and you can see across the rooftops to the Statue of liberty
  • My soy latte from Cups, my favourite coffee shop around the corner
  • Breakfast of grits, sausage and egg from our local diner Dizzy’s
  • The theatre and the all the people who work there – our home for the past three weeks.
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3 weeks in New York – 1 week to go….

I thought I would attempt a blog – a diary really, for me as much as anyone else to document the next month. This is my first time performing in New York and more importantly – this is me, an English girl with a passion for an American singer and her story – heading to her homeland – to sing that story to an audience who are very likely to have known her or atleast been connected to her in some way.

That is both exciting and terrifying.

In preparation for the New York shows, I went to meet my friend and vocal coach Victoria Woodward.Whilst I don’t actually dress up and play Dory, we use her autobiography in the show, which sounds ridiculous in an English accent and so I do my best at an American accent.…

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from Merryn Somerset Webb in the FT, 23 August

I had heard that our Edinburgh show had created a bit of a buzz but never imagined I would end up in the FT alongside the Chinese economy!

Merryn Somerset Webb

It is festival time in Edinburgh. That means that everyone who lives here is currently struggling with a brain addled by too much comedy, too much music and a few too many heavy drinking guests up from London. We aren’t all thinking entirely clearly.

However, as is usually the case a few gems emerge from the chaos. For me this year, there have been two. The first was the Sorries, a duo inspired by folk group The Corries, who are worth visiting just for the lyric “Alex Salmond says we will keep the pound if we get independence.…

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The Story of “Mary C Brown and the Hollywood sign”

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Kate Dimbleby at the Crazy Coqs

Kate at the Crazy Coqs, by Cal Byrne

Kate Dimbleby at the Crazy Coqs Kate Dimbleby at the Crazy Coqs, taken by Cal Byrne…

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Kate and Naadia on Jools Holland’s Radio 2 show

We grabbed our appearance on Jools’s show to post here, now it’s no longer available on iPlayer.


Click the player above to listen here
or click here to download the 22MB mp3 file.

Kate Dimbleby and Naadia Sheriff perform songs from their Dory Previn album on Jools Holland’s Radio 2 show, 30 April 2012.
Buy the CD at
Or download it on iTunes.

Songs performed here:
Mary C Brown and the Hollywood Sign
The Lady With The Braid

Written by Dory Previn
Performed by Kate Dimbleby and Naadia Sheriff
© All Rights Reserved…

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Lovely review in The Sunday Times today

We had a lovely review in the Sunday Times today

Hard to believe that Dory Previn was 86 when she died earlier this year: some of us still think of her as a curly-permed 1970s singer-songwriter.

Our own Kate Dimbleby — a free spirit who dabbles in every shade of jazz, blues and pop — revisits her legacy against the backdrop of Naadia Sheriff’s understated piano.

Her ultra-intelligent choices range from 20 Mile Zone, a droll portrait of a woman on the edge, to the almost painfully vulnerable The Lady with the Braid. Dimbleby is a terrific interpreter of female nonconformists — her stage portrait of Peggy Lee was a cult hit.

If her Dory P is quieter, it is no less atmospheric.

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