WOMEN BE WISE with Naadia Sheriff (on piano) and Julie Walkington (bass) at the Pheasantry, London November 6th


Naadia Sheriff and I first started playing together in 2010. It was my first taste of a truly balanced collaboration partly because of Naadia’s brilliant skills as pianist/MD and arranger but also because we were two women with small children, emerging from the sleepless nights and with a hunger to make music that was meaningful.

Since then, we have been to New York together, peformed London residencies as well as some rather unusual gigs (my speciality) and I have always felt so privileged to have the chance to sing and play with her.

Recently, we were asked to play at a memorial for my friend’s mother, a powerful mentor of mine and many others, Santa Raymond. The wonderful bass player, Julie Walkington, was available and fulfilling a long-held ambition of mine (which I had shared with Santa), we formed an all-female trio for the night to sing in her memory).

When I left, I vowed to get us together again so when a slot at the Pheasantry came up, I jumped at the opportunity.

Singing all the repertoire we have developed since 2010 as well as some brand new classics. Please come and join us in singing our hearts out!