There’s a Place for Us

We are back up in the apartment that we started in – now that all the family have gone and Christmas/New Year is over. Like coming full circle and as a nice twist, my sister, who introduced me to Dory Previn, is here for our last few days. I started planning a last night party to give us something to look forward to after another weekend of four shows and she reminded me not to wish it away.

She is right. Older sisters always are aren’t they? And so I started compiling a list of things I’ll miss when I return to my life in England and this tour seems like a dream.

Here it is :

  • The view from the subway train on our commute into Manhatten when it comes above ground in Brooklyn, between Carroll Street and Bergen street and you can see across the rooftops to the Statue of liberty
  • My soy latte from Cups, my favourite coffee shop around the corner
  • Breakfast of grits, sausage and egg from our local diner Dizzy’s
  • The theatre and the all the people who work there – our home for the past three weeks.
  • The cold sunny days that make you feel like you’re on a film set
  • The sound that the trains make as they pull out of the station that replicates the first notes of “There’s a Place for us/Somewhere” by Leonard Bernstein (for muso’s out there – is it Tonic, minor 7 down to 6th??)
  • The increasing love affair with this city as I discover hidden gems – restaurants, museums, parks – so much more to explore…

 the Statue of Liberty from the F train by Amy“View from the F train” by Amy Howe