from Merryn Somerset Webb in the FT, 23 August

I had heard that our Edinburgh show had created a bit of a buzz but never imagined I would end up in the FT alongside the Chinese economy!

Merryn Somerset Webb

It is festival time in Edinburgh. That means that everyone who lives here is currently struggling with a brain addled by too much comedy, too much music and a few too many heavy drinking guests up from London. We aren’t all thinking entirely clearly.

However, as is usually the case a few gems emerge from the chaos. For me this year, there have been two. The first was the Sorries, a duo inspired by folk group The Corries, who are worth visiting just for the lyric “Alex Salmond says we will keep the pound if we get independence. I hope we are keeping more than one or the tax will be horrendous” inserted into a well-known Scottish song.

The second was Kate Dimbleby singing the songs of Dory Previn. This was notable for the right reasons, but also for a point Kate made about success along the way. If you are always a loser she said, winning is very special but if you are always a winner losing is exceptionally hard. I suspect that I was the only person in the bar who looked up from their martini to think of the Chinese economy at this point but it did ring something of a bell.

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