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Workshops, Team Building and One-to-One Voice
Improvisation and Performance in Work and Play

I understood the power of the voice from an early age. 

To move, to communicate, to understand, connect and even transcend with sound.
As I learned more about my own voice, I learned the power of listening – of adapting and being able to communicate clearly what we hear.

Learning to tune into this loop is the art of powerful, responsive, authentic leadership and performance.  It is also an art that all singers have to learn.

I come from a family of strong voices. My mother is a trained opera singer, my father and uncle (David and Jonathan) are broadcasters and my grandfather Richard Dimbleby was nicknamed “Voice of the Nation”.

I am driven and inspired by working with the voice as a way of reconnecting with ourselves and those around us.

I enjoy working with people performing at a high level who are developing their own authentic voices, or those who find using their voice difficult.

I use techniques I have developed through 25 years of live performance, teaching the Alexander Technique and working with vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin – focusing on listening, singing and playful improvisation.

I work one-to-one or in small groups. I am based in the UK in London and Bristol, but also travel internationally and work remotely via video and audio conference.

Please speak to me directly by emailing kate@katedimbleby.com



“Kate was so friendly and approachable whilst remaining professional and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and look forward to the next one!”

“I liked the freedom of the workshop. It was structured well but I still felt that I had the chance to contribute when I wanted and ask questions if I was unsure about anything. I enjoyed the chance to improvise as this pushed me out of my comfort zone which was good (!) and I picked up some useful tips about breathing and performing to an audience.”

“I thought the event was wonderful as I felt totally comfortable, which meant I could try out new things. It was also great that there were only a few of us as I felt a level of understanding between us all.”

“Singing in a circle w @ katedimbleby blows breezes through your mind, moves the body and stimulates the spirit. My cheeks hurt from smiling.”
Jemima Burrill

“I loved it. It was completely different to anything I had done before but I had such fun! It was nice to get to know the others and see how people grew in confidence. Kate is AMAZING and such great fun and the ability to get people to be involved was great.“

“I had an amazing experience at Circlesongs. I found Kate to be very inspiring, encouraging and supportive. I would recommend Circlesongs to anyone who would like to sing, regardless of their singing abilities.”