Songbirds – the live show

A video to explain what I’ve been up to……

The Songbirds album has eleven original songs recorded almost entirely with just my voice, layered – with just a few light touches of instruments in a couple of tracks – written by me and produced by the amazing Lauren Deakin-davies. Read a full press release about the Album here and buy it from Folkstock’s Bandcamp page – I send them myself, so let me know if you’d like it signed and dedicated.

The Songbirds live show is touring at the moment – you can see upcoming show dates in the sidebar on the left and on the Shows page.  I’m looking for interesting places to play, so please send suggestions.

As always with my live shows, it’s hard to describe.  As with the album, I’m without a band, and using my looper to layer my voice.

It’s more than a gig, more than cabaret, more than just the story of the album. It’s directed by Katy Carmichael, and the description we’ve been using to promote it is:

If you had a song, what would it be?

The singing daughter of Britain’s broadcasting family of voices explores her legacy weaving powerful, soulful acapella original songs with stories of singing with Bobby McFerrin, stepping out of Peggy Lee’s shadow and listening to find the song in everyone.

Songbirds weaves songs from Kate’s critically acclaimed original a capella album Songbirds (released in February by Folkstock Records and featured on radio 2 and radio 6 Music) with a personal story. Using techniques inspired by her work with virtuoso Bobby McFerrin, directed and devised with Katy Carmichael from Theatre Damfino and using a vocal looper to layer her voice and interact directly with her audience. The result is a unique and engaging audience experience, different at each performance.

For years Kate Dimbleby has made shows about other people’s voices and stories – Peggy Lee, Bessie Smith, Dory Previn. But she has always had another nagging voice in her head – what’s her true story, why is she not singing it and who are the people on that journey? So she started listening… from London to the forests of Canada, the streets of New York and Bristol, recording the sounds and people around her.

‘life affirming’ Sunday Times Artist of the Week
“Part concert, part confessional. A project that is anything but conventional” **** The Times
‘Riveting. Halfway between pop and spirituals. Crystalline and credible” ****Mail on Sunday’
‘fresh, subtle and startling’ The Guardian
‘intriguing, file under one offs’ **** ‘Arts First Night’ The Times

Watch some clips to get a flavour here:

These Things They Will Come, onstage at Bath:

Whatever You Do, with the audience at Bath:

Me looping and talking about the show on London Live: